Writing Prompts

Try your hand at some of Ms. Ervin's creative writing prompts below. Have an idea for one? Send us a message and share it using the contact information provided.


Quarantine Time Machine


The year is 2045 and you have been granted the opportunity to travel back to January 1, 2020. You encounter your younger self at a New Year’s celebration, excited about all the wonderful plans you have for the year of “perfect vision”. Construct a two-minute monologue to your younger self that warns you of all the chaos to come during the upcoming year.

Feel My Pain


Think about a moment that brought you pain (physical, emotional, stress, etc.)

Write an inner monologue addressing your pain in the moment. Remember that you are the only voice that should be expressed during your monologue. Think about the moment you want readers to start with and thoroughly explain your thoughts and feelings at that time.

Most Wanted Fairy Tales


Create a Most Wanted ad for the antagonist of a popular fairy tale character. Be sure to include the characters name, any aliases,  a detailed description of what they look like, where they were last seen and what they are most known for, why they continue to be a threat to society, etc. Be sure to include key elements of fairy tale storytelling.